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about the artist

Joyous Ferguson is an innovative and creative professional designer/illustrator and artist. from Atlanta, Georgia, a graduate from Hampton University and a curator of the arts. "My goal is to use my talents both as a comprehensive and graphic artist to create art that makes people feel." Creating is my therapy and my way to relax and get my thoughts out in a productive way. So, when someone sees my work and enjoys what is displayed, they see a piece of me.


I was blessed at a very young age to know what I wanted to do with my life, and I thank God every day for letting the dreams of a 10-year-old still be possible and practical in my life now as an adult. I love exploring different mediums of art because I would like to be as diverse as possible. I don’t want my art to be defined in one category or recognized as just one thing. I’m a go with the flow kind of artist.

When brainstorming for an idea I never stress, I just wait...Sometimes daydream or wander around until the right moment of inspiration arrives. It arrives when I feel the energy accumulated from that precise time and place, then the magic happens.


B.Joyous has blossomed into more than I first imagined. Starting off as an interest into fashion, B.Joyous evolved into a universal business that uses its platform to empower, inspire and uplift. As CEO of B.Joyous Fashions Inc., I want you to love yourself and BE EXTRA AT ALL COST. Life is too short to be boring. BE WEIRD. Live, Laugh, Learn, and Let God Work through you.  


B.Joyous Graphics  strives to Creatively Make Your dreams Known. We want you to know that ALL DREAMS are possible, and that God gives you the desires of your heart. We look forward to working with you in the near future. 

"You were not made to be ordinary. Trying times in your life either lay the foundation of complacency or strengthens your will to achieve your dreams. That strength is the EXTRA in the ordinary."

    - Joyous Ferguson  


Oct.2018   Artpocalypse "All Girl Artshow" 
Nov.2018  Pancakes and Booze Atlanta
Feb.2019  Rash Media "Ditch The Critics" Art Show
Feb. 2019  The Primary Movement "One Year Anniversary" Show
Mar.2019  The Emoji Art Show Atlanta
Aug.2019  Brunch N Brushes ArtShow (BJG Curated Show)
Dec.2019  Black Girl Art Show
June 2021 Trap Music Museum HBCU Artist Showcase


Canvas Rebel
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