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Book  design/ illustration

Book cover design(front and back): $750
book layout  design: $950+(based on page count, display etc.)
 (Must submit finished copy of book manuscript, does not include character design)

Character design : $550 per character(sub character i.e. less detailed +$200)
(Must submit full character description, does not include book illustration)

book illustration*: $1600+(based on page count, character count  etc.)
 (Must submit  illustration page count and description, characters to be added, does not include book layout design or character design)

*If submitting characters from a previous designer/illustrator, please include if you have the original design file or not. this effects the pricing of this selection.
please be advised that we do not copy other designs/characters that already exist.  when submitting inquiries and requests, please be specific as to what design style you are envisioning for your book. This will help us quote you as accurately as possible.

please note these services only include illustration and design. we do not service edits of any kind. We can recommend an editor via our Bizzy bee resource page.

please note that book layout design, character design & book illustration are three seperate jobs.  for more information please contact us.

Please follow guidelines when inquiring services to make your experience as smooth as possible!
*Prices are subject to change due to detail, turnaround time and quantity. 1-7 day turnaround times are subject to a rush fee. 


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